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 Lara Liliana Rose is a intuitive life coach and founder of Sun Meets Moon Healing. Lara was born in Monmouth, Illinois. She grew up in the heart and on the earthy soil of her Great Grandmother’s Farm. Lara had the space to run through the creek beds, letting her adventurous spirit roam free. Some of the animal life included:  a dog, barn cats and kittens, horses, cattle, and a beautiful long haired wild stallion. Lara spent most of her younger days in the pasture making friends with the animals and loved every minute of it.  She also spent a great deal of time at the foot of her Great Grandmothers rocking chair who lived with her family. The wisdom, stories, and connection with her Grandmother still live on in Lara’s heart today.  Her childhood on the farm ignited a profound appreciation for nature and the peaceful essence that growing up in the country side can inspire. Still to this day Lara loves to plant flowers, grow vegetables and fresh herbs, explore nature trails deep into the forest with the family dog,  and  will always feel a connection with animals.  She is grateful for her time spent on the farm.

 Lara’s journey as a sensitive being started early in life. When she was a young child, she could sense what others were feeling in their lives. She had a desire to gain understanding of the people around her. She would also sense angelic beings with her and over lighting others. As Lara grew up she dismissed and buried these gifts to be awakened later. Lara went on to experience life through school, family, and friends. She loved art, music, dancing, singing, writing, basketball, and riding horses. Although, Lara does not hide that she has had deeper things to heal from in her childhood and her life. She believes that the life path that her soul choose, held the perfect circumstances to help awaken her inner healer. Lara feels that each person has experiences they learn through and that these are different for each person. She feels that her challenges were perfect and in harmony with the learning and rebirth she expanded through later in life. That these were the perfect diamonds that have assisted her to help others find their shine through empowering their own personal trials and tribulations. 

Lara Liliana Rose graduated as a licensed Cosmetologist in 2009.  She immersed herself in the field of style, art, beauty, self care, and personal transformation. Lara absolutely adored the clients and colleague connections she had made along the way. She shares that listening to her clients talk about their life stories helped her to gain insight into what other’s go through and connect in with what made them who they are.  ” Their stories touched my heart and to watch them transform in the mirror to a brand new view and self imagine was deeply honoring and exciting.” “Those were fun times.”  Lara shared. Even though she did find fulfillment in her current career, there was a calling in her soul that she could not ignore. A path presenting itself as a door had opened to her spiritual path which held a key to her next step on her destiny line . 

At the age of 31 Lara strapped on her Soul filled shoes and decided to walk through the door that had opened to a new pathway. Hoping by doing so she would discover her souls calling, and the spiritual truths and connection that her spirit thirst for and required to awaken. One day Lara awoke to something inside calling for more than what she had been studying and seeking so far. She called out passionately and prayed with all her might to Yeshua (Jesus). She asked to be led to his truth, to know him at a deeper level, and to understand what her purpose was in life. Lara felt Yeshua come to her. He gently guided her to prepare her young baby and herself for a drive, a small spiritual quest to the the truth she had prayed for . Lara found Yeshua to be the most beautiful, wise, understanding, and compassionate being she had ever felt.  She was guided to a town a little over an hour away. Lara drove until she reached a small store and was urged to go inside. She proceeded to a book shelf where she found a book that was channeled and written by a woman who was writing about truth and wisdom of Christ. It was the next step.  Already a sense of oneness began to be born from within. On the way home, Lara pulled over to the side of the road. Feeling astonished and a bit overwhelmed, she began to cry. It was in this moment Lara could feel something was birthing from within. She began to wonder if she would be able accomplish  what was ahead, due to her past journey so far. Yeshua came to her again in that moment. He explained that everything she had been through would be of value, that it would help her to deeply understand others, and it would prove to be a blessing. Lara then passionately prayed to be sent a spiritual teacher that could help her heal, awaken, transform and learn. A few weeks later Lara Liliana Rose was lead to her spiritual teacher and mentor ‘Susanna Sophia Hart’ through a  beautiful soul sister, healer, and family member who  knew Susanna and had visited one of her retreats. Lara reached out to Susanna and from the first encounter she knew this was the teacher that she had prayed about. Lara felt an instant connection with her heart and soul.

Susanna shared the wisdom, truth, personal path, and healing work that had been her life’s calling and work. Also, her passion even as a young girl. She held such compassionate space for Lara to heal and taught her about loving and learning from the shadow self. Furthermore, how to open up and use Lara’s own spiritual gifts. Something Susanna believes everyone has inside of them. Over the years Lara traveled to learn and deepen her training with Susanna at her retreats and classes. Lara also worked privately week by week with Susanna to unfold in the teachings, mysteries, and healing that were brought to and held space for Lara’s path. Susanna still works with Lara to this day to help her open and expand her learning. Susanna Sophia Hart is a very gifted intuitive life coach and is know for her channeling of Mary Magdalene in the book Magdala Rose, for her sharing of the Divine Feminine teachings and empowerment, and for her work with the Angels with her own clients. Along with many other creations, mystical experiences, and wisdom. Lara claims the work and teaching her mentor provided is what bridged, deepened, and expanded the connection with God, the Christ Family and the Angels within her own heart. Lara feels Susanna is the reason that she is able to hold space for the work she provides for her clients.  A gift she is forever grateful for. 

Lara created Sun Meets Moon Healing in 2017.  Her passion was to combine her experience in the Cosmetology Arts with the training and learning in the Healing Arts. To create a relaxing, healing, warm, and soulful space for clients to feel completely at peace to unwind, heal, and explore themselves and deepen their spiritual connection if desired. Lara provided healing and intuitive work for two years prior to creating the business. Her greatest joy comes from empowering others to see their inner light and transform the barriers that are holding them back from expressing and being their most authentic self. Lara shares it is a true gift to watch another open to their destiny,  and start to create and realize their dreams in their life. Lara feels so grateful to be able to pass along messages of hope, healing, and love from the Angels to her clients. She delights in seeing the other person feel at peace and get some answers to utilize in their daily life. Something she finds great joy in doing.  Some of the work Lara provides are angelic readings, past life work, deep soul healing, chakra healing and clearing, intuitive life coaching, relaxing facials, reflexology, and guided meditations. Lara’s dream is to keep learning, to keep creating, and expanding within her life’s work.

Lara is married and  has two beautiful Daughters. She spends her days creating balance between her work, spiritual practice, family and friends .  Lara has always loved the in’s and out’s of family life. The perfect imperfections of running a household.  She loves everything about the raw, real world of domestic living and enjoys the grounded flow of the home fires.  She feels extremely grateful for the loving support of her husband and for the blessing of being able to be a mother. Lara feels they have taught her so much about life, love, cooperation, fun and teamwork.